Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grace- Elizabeth Scott

Hi, again!! This is another book I borrowed from friend and fellow book blogger, Tricia. Check out her blog here! She's seriously wonderful and loves books! She has a great taste in books, too! :)
Title: Grace
Author: Elizabeth Scott, the amazing.
Rating (1-5): 4
Cover rating: 4
Description: Grace was raised to be an Angel, a herald of death by suicide bomb. Bu she refuses to die for the cause, and now Grace is on the run, daring to dream of freedom. In search of a border she may never reach, she travels among malevolent soldiers on a decrepit train crawling through the desert. Accompanied by the mysterious Kerr, Grace struggles to be invisible, but the fear of discovery looms large as she recalls the history and events that delivered her uncertain fate.

I had no idea what to expect from this book. And, whatever I did expect, it was pretty much the opposite. It was so insanely intense. It took about 30 or 40 pages for me to start to understand the way Grace spoke. But, once I did I dove right into her story and her world.

Elizabet Scott always amazes me. She can write something so sweet and funny like Bloom, then she can write this world that is ugly, harsh, and cruel. Her talent and mind is amazing. She did a fabulous job telling a world of war and hate. It is amazing how similar two enemies are to each other. Yes, their beliefs were worded differently, but is essence they are the same. I enjoyed this book very, very much. Although, it is not my favorite. I can't deny how powerful it is. And, I can't deny how talented Elizabeth Scott is.

Grace as a character is so strong. Her fight for life is stunning. I can't say I'd do the same as she did in this story, but I relate to her survival instincts. I love, love, love how the story ended.


  1. Hey, sounds good, I wasn't planning to read this one, but this tipped me over the edge. Prepare yourself, I have never read a Scott, what do you rec?

    By the way, I'm not sure the link to your friends blog is working properly.

  2. Oh gosh, girl! A life with NO Elizabeth Scott?!?!
    My favorites (in oder): Bloom, Something Maybe, The Unwritten Rule, Perfect You, Love You Hate You Miss You, and then Grace.
    Most of her novels are kind of a mix of Sarah Dessen with Susane Colasanti

  3. I love Elizabeth Scott. This book sounds very different from her others. I hope to read it soon - after all the others on my TBR list- Perfect You is my next book by Scott on the list.

    I also saw your stack-o-books from the Austin Book Fest - Awesome. Hope you are enjoying your books by Ellen Hopkins, they are the best!

    I'm a new follower. You can check out my blog at

    Happy Reading and I can't wait to see what you post next.