Monday, August 9, 2010

When It Happens- Susane Colasanti

I was sick today, so I had to stay home from work. But, it wasn't all bad I was able to reread a book that I have always loved.

Title: When It Happens
Author: Susane Colasanti
Rating (1-5): 5
Cover rating: 4

Description: At the start of senior year, Sara wants two things: to get into her first-choice college and to find true love. Tobey also wants two things: to win Battle of the Bands and to make Sara fall in love with him.
Dave, the body Sara was hoping would realize she exists, moves in on Sara first. But Tobey is impossible for Sara to ignore. He gets the little things that matter to her and, most importantly, he feels like something real. Can a slacker rock star wannabe win the heart of a pretty class brain like Sara?

This is my favorite Susane Colasanti novel. From the first time I read it, it touched my heart. Susane Colasanti always has the best quotes in her novels that I love to read over and over again. She is one of my favorite authors, and probably always will be. Her words always come straight to my soul. I couldn't possibly like her characters anymore than I already do. Especially Tobey and Sara.

I used to feel the same as Sara when she said she was waiting for her life to start. I have always felt way. I always just waited to get through high school waiting for "my real life" to start, but soon enough, I realized that this is my real life. I have to live it everyday. And, I think Tobey made Sara realize that, he made her stop planning and keep living in the moment.

I admire the easiness of Susane's words. While I'm reading I feel like I'm sitting in a a coffee shop with Tobey and Sara. I feel as if I'm their best friend and they are just recounting the story of how the fell in love. It doesn't get any better or any more real than her characters. They are the people you sat or sit next to in high school. The one in your science class. The kid next to you on the bus. The one you see everyday in the hallway. They always care about the little things, like real people do. Like really great pens.

These soul mates are ones that I will love reading about for a very long time to come. It give me confidence, that people are meant for each other. Susane Colasanti never fails to give me faith in fate, soul mates, and love.

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