Monday, August 23, 2010

A few things.

I'm still posting more reviews tonight, but I need to go run some errands.
The reviews I'll be posting tonight are:
Aces Up: Lauren Barnholdt
One Night That Changes Everything: Lauren Barnholdt
She's So Dead To Us: Kieran Scott
The Eternal Ones: Kristen Miller
And, maybe others.

There are a lot of fabulous authors coming to an area near me soon! The prizes in the upcoming contest will be signed copies of some of their books by them!
I'll be going to the Austin Teen Book Festival
Smart Chicks Kick It Tour in the Woodlands, Texas
look up those tours to see the selections of authors!

Oh, and think of ideas to spread the word about my blog! That will be part of the contest.


  1. Hi! I'm Gabrielle and I just came over from Tricia's blog! Yay!! I love when people review books! it seems I'm always running out of them. -Bella

    PS would you join my blog?

  2. I would love to join your blog! Thank you for stopping by and saying hi! I love book reviews, too! :)