Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mini Challenge Two & Contest for Sea!

This is for Mini Challenge #2 over at Princess Bookie.
I would choose Daniel Radcliffe for my celebrity date! :) I simply adore him. I think he is so, so cute. Maybe, a tad bit short, but hey, that's okay. I am also a wee bit obsessed with Harry Potter. So, on our date we would go (as the rules say) a movie and dinner. But, the movie would be his premier of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. We would spend all night obsessing over Harry Potter and his amazing accent! We'd have a yummy dinner of sushi, because that is what I am craving right now. Crab puffs, phili rolls, cali rolls, and Alaska rolls. Yummmmm! For dessert? Fun-fetti cookies! :) YUM! Also at the end of the date he would make all my dreams come true by giving me my LONG overdue acceptance letter to Hogwarts! :) Yes, I am a nerd, but that is A okay! Besides I don't need a sexy celebrity to take me on a nice date, I already have boy for that. :)
Also win SEA by Heidi Kling here.


  1. Oh how I love Daniel Radcliffe... <3

  2. Oh, I know!;) Those beautiful eyes and dark brown hair! And he's Harry Potter so that's an automatic plus! :)